Why The Texas Hill Country Weather And Climate Is Perfect For Camping and RV’ing

The Nueces River Winds Through Texas Hill Country Next to The Nueces RV and Cabin Resort

The Ideal Texas Weather For Camping

The Texas hill country has an ideal blend of seasonal temperatures for any type of camper looking to experience the great state of Texas. We have beautiful summers, mild winters, and spring and fall seasons, perfect day and night. We know that planning a camping or RV trip for the everchanging Texas seasons can be challenging to anyone, whether you live here or are traveling from another state.

The texas hill country has many distinct seasons, which allow you to plan your trip around the kind of weather you want to experience. We have put together an easy weather guide below which you can follow to find the ideal climate for your next camping or RV trip.


Spring in the Texas hill country typically runs from March through May. It provides an ideal climate for those looking for average daily temperatures of 70 – 80 degrees during the day and lows in the 50s at night. This is an ideal time for families who like to explore during the day and gather around the campfire at night, roasting smores and enjoying the milky way rising above you. Spring is a rapidly growing season for guests looking to camp or RV, so plan your trip early as we are seeing a higher volume of visitors every year.


The summer months of June, July, August are great for spending time on the water, in the water, or under the shade of giant oaks that are found all over the Texas hill country. With daily temperatures averaging around 95 degrees and lows around 70 at night. We often find our guests swimming in the Nueces River during this time of year, just a few hundred feet from our cabins and RV sites.


For many people who come and visit us fall is their favorite time of year. From September through November, you can find temperatures in the 80’s during the day and lows in the 60’s at night. This is our busiest time of year at Nueces River RV and Cabin Resort. We have nightly games of Volleyball on our sand court, pickleball matches, pickup basketball games, and corn hole tournaments worthy of being in the Olympics. Our guests come from all over the country to relax at our resort, swim in the Nueces River, and adventure all around to see what Camp Wood, TX has to offer.


The winter months in texas hill country can be some of the most spectacular and inviting times of the year. From December to February, we are accustomed to moderately warm days in the 60’s and average less than an inch of snowfall.

While most of the country deals with below-freezing temperatures and overcast skies, the texas hill country climate is warm and inviting. When the fall festivities end, you can feel a sense of calm and beauty to the landscape that can be missed in other seasons. With so much to do, and fewer people around, many long-term guests come set up camp and use our resort as a basecamp for their holidays.

We invite you to come experience the majestic Nueces River and stay with us in our comfortable cabins or spacious full hook-up RV sites any time of year. We have waterfront access to the Nueces River, upgraded resort-wide WIFI, a well-maintained pool, shaded spaces, a large fenced-in dog park, a driving range, a camp store, and much much more.