The Perfect Texas Hill Country BBQ Road Trip


Looking for the perfect Texas BBQ road trip? Look no further! 

Texas Hill Country is known for its beautiful scenery, its charming towns, and most of all its delicious BBQ. If you’re a fan of smoked meats, then this road trip is an absolute must-add item to your bucket list.

This road trip starts in Camp Wood, Texas, where you’ll find Nueces River RV Campground. This is a great place to base yourself for your BBQ adventure, as it’s located just a short drive from many of the best BBQ joints in the area and has incredible family-friendly amenities to confront your impending meat sweats.

Before we dive into the recommended itinerary, let’s introduce the players:

Resort Map
Nueces River RV & Cabin Resort Map 2022

Must-Have Texas Hill Country BBQ

From Nueces River at Camp Wood, you can head west to Lockhart, which is widely considered the ‘Barbecue Capital of Texas.’ Here, you’ll find two of the most famous BBQ joints in the state: Black’s Barbecue and Kreuz Market. Both of these places have been serving up delicious brisket, ribs, and sausage for decades.

After Lockhart, you can head south to Luling, which is another great town for BBQ. Here, you’ll find Smitty’s Market and City Market, both of which offer a wide variety of BBQ meats and sides.

If you have time, you can also head north of San Antonio to Llano, which is home to Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que. Cooper’s is known for its award-winning brisket, and it’s a great place to end your road trip.

Recommended Itinerary

Kreuz Market in Lockhart, Texas

Day 1

Start your day at Nueces River RV Campground and relax by the pool or go for a hike in the nearby Hill Country.

In the afternoon, drive to Lockhart and check out Black’s Barbecue and Kreuz Market. In the evening, enjoy a delicious dinner at one of these joints.

Day 2

Drive to Luling and check out Smitty’s Market and City Market. In the afternoon, drive up to Llano and visit Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que. In the evening, enjoy a delicious dinner at Cooper’s.

For any beginners, you can’t go wrong with brisket, ribs, or sausage. However, make sure to explore the respective menus of each establishment to properly plan!

Smitty's Market in Luling, Texas

This road trip is just a suggestion, of course. You can customize it to fit your own interests and preferences. But no matter how you choose to do it, you’re sure to have a delicious and memorable time exploring the Texas Hill Country for BBQ.


So, there you have it, the perfect Texas BBQ road trip through the Hill Country. Start planning your trip today and enjoy some of the best smoked meats in the world!

Call to action:

  • Visit Nueces River RV Campground
  • Follow your nose to the best BBQ
  • Embrace the meat sweats!

As much fun as it is to eat delicious BBQ, don’t forget to enjoy the journey. The Texas Hill Country is a beautiful place, so take some time to explore the scenery, soak up the atmosphere, and to try burnt ends if you never have (you can thank me later).

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